After 40 years of successful delivery of real estate projects in India, Devika Promoters & Builders Devika Promoters & Builders has seen high and low tides; however, the foundation of our Group remained unmovable. The credit goes to its founders who left us the strong and vibrant dynasty of real estate forte nurtured with hard work and forward thinking.

We, at Devika Promoters & Builders, look for lateral thinkers and value out of the box talent. We believe in mutual growth, learning and progress; and therefore, the work environment in our premise is productive and homely. The basic philosophy of friendly yet productive work culture is that there shall never be Monday morning blue for our employees. Every day they feel like they have come to their second home. We also believe in training and coaching young talents to deliver greater results for both company and themselves.

The prima facie of Devika is equipped with strong work ethics and is there to stay forever. We believe that only with team work, mutual growth and understanding, the sole objective of customer satisfaction can be achieved.


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